- Apr 5, 2019
These April 2019 life trends demonstrate the constant evolution of this industry, as brands are now moving toward wellness-focused products and services in response to consumer demand.

This month saw the continued popularity of marijuana and CBD-related products, which are being leveraged to relieve the user of anxiety or pain. For example, Beekeeper's Naturals' B. Chill Honey, offers a quick solution to calm one's anxiety, in a manner that can be easily incorporated into one's lifestyle. Wellness is being incorporated in other ways, like at McDonald's new HQ in Chicago, which features a design that was inspired by the more conscious consumer who seeks a life-work balance.

Moreover, it's not just people that are looking to unwind, as a brand named Mollybox offers subscription cat products that are designed to pamper one's feline friend.

From CBD Honey to Cat Subscription Services: