Easy Eddy is Offered in Three Easy-to-Assemble Pieces

 - Mar 22, 2019
References: easyeddypaddleboards
This paddle board design is rooted in a convenience-focused experience as its body is specially engineered to fit the needs of individuals who frequently travel. Dubbed 'Easy Eddy,' the modular product is sure to stir some attention in consumers who enjoy water sports and activities.

The paddle board design weighs just about 35 lbs, making it a lightweight product to transport. In addition, its silhouette can be disassembled into three parts, allowing the board to be efficiently packed into a compact car or stored without taking too much space.

The body of Easy Eddy is made to be durable and functional. As the overlapping joint system assures maximum stiffness, the paddle board behaves as a hardboard, assuring consumers get the most out of the experience.