- Apr 19, 2019
The April 2019 sports trends mainly spotlight technical construction of apparel and footwear designs, as well as some supportive athletic accessories as well. The overall approach of the concepts aims for better functionality and performance when it comes to sports.

Nike's new Air Zoom Pegasus 35 FlyEase running sneakers arrive in four captivating colorways but the most notable factor of the design is the enclosure access. It is closed at the heel area to cater towards those with limited dexterity in their hands. The technology also ensures that those with a lack of finger strength will be able to functionally adjust the fit of their sneakers. Nike also delivers sporty designs for the World Cup 2019, with its women's kits for global teams. It is spotlighted by its performance-ready construction and stylistic cues.

From Heel-Enclosed Running Shoes to Female League Soccer Jerseys: