- Apr 27, 2019
The April 2019 eco initiatives spotlight how companies, designers, architects and the like are attempting to counter climate change and contribute to the wellness of the planet.

Some of the examples on this list are rooted in changing the infrastructure of urban environments. For example, IKEA's Space10 envisions a miniature village prototype that operates on a trading scheme, promoting circularity and use of excess energy. Other instances are more direct and interactive. Dutch bike brand Union and creative agency Natwerk launched a pop-up bike rack that takes up one parking space on Amsterdam, introducing value to commuters and promoting car-free city navigation.

A big highlight of the April 2019 eco round-up is, of course, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics preparation which has seen an incredibly promising, sustainability-focused organizational approach.

From Plastic-Made Ocean Sounds to Conservation-Promoting Water Bottles: