The SOLE x United By Blue Shoes are Comfortable and Stylish

 - Mar 16, 2019
References: kickstarter
The SOLE x United By Blue shoes have been created as a lineup of footwear options for consumers that won't come at the expense of the planet by putting a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

The shoes are made with a blend of natural materials such as recycled cork, merino wool, bison fiber, algae foam, rice rubber and bamboo. This is positioned as a far cry from the traditional petroleum-based products that are quite common on the market and helps them to have a more eco-friendly profile for consumers to appreciate. Each pair are reported to be quite comfortable and stylish to satisfy consumer needs in a more sustainable fashion.

The SOLE x United By Blue shoes also support the cleanup of our oceans as each pair sold will have United By Blue remove a pound of trash from waterways and oceans around the world.