Synflux Brings Sustainability to Fashion with 'Algorithmic Couture'

 - Mar 27, 2019
References: vimeo & dezeen
There is definitely a certain appeal to the notion of customized clothing as it allows consumers to opt-in for clothes that are specially designed with their taste, style and body proportions in mind. However, there are some sustainability-focused opportunities here as well. A research collective that goes by the name of Synflux is expanding on this planet-friendly idea through garments that are highly personalized.

The project that realizes customized clothing is set to disrupt the fashion industry at large — from production to design. Dubbed 'Algorithmic Couture,' Synflux uses technology that 3D scans the body to determine exact proportions. The data is fed into a machine-learning algorithm that produces "the optimum garment pattern that reduces fabric waste to zero" and computer-aided design software is used to make 2D modules of the customized clothing design.