- Jan 10, 2013
Valentine's day lingerie is made for couples looking to reignite the passion under the sheets during the special day of love. Though pinks, purples and reds are the traditional colors for V-day, when it comes to lingerie, color is not as important as the cut and material -- or lack thereof. In this case, lace, pearls and silks are especially welcome.

For the ladies, there really is no better way to feel sexy than with a beautiful matching lingerie set, which your man would most likely love to see. However, with this all being said, feeling sexy is also an attitude and does not necessarily mean that you have to bare all to capture that essence. Sometimes, all it takes is a teddy nightgown to do the trick.

For those couples whose love lives have become a bit stale, look no further than one of these lovely Valentine's day lingerie finds to keep things spicy.

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