Faeries Dance Lingerie Focuses on Green-Friendly Fashion

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: faeriesdance & gizmodiva
Soy beans are no longer just a way to bring a healthy addition to your meal; the little bean that could is now being used to make undergarments available from Faeries Dance Lingerie.

The company uses the soybean casings that would normally be thrown away to create classically airy pieces of lingerie. Faeries Dance Lingerie combines these casings with organic cotton and a processing system that ensures there is only a minimal amount of waste produced. The pieces are manufactured by Xylem Clothing, a company that focuses on eco-friendly fashion. Faeries Dance Lingerie also has everything from little black dresses to workout wear made with a green-conscious focus in mind.

Take care of the Earth from head to toe with the simply sensual offerings from Faeries Dance Lingerie.