Tosca Dekker by Christophe Meimoon Flaunts a Frisky Femininity

This editorial featuring Tosca Dekker by Christophe Meimoon demonstrates how a woman can look both cute and provocative at once. The irresistible Dutch model is styled with soft smokey makeup and her white blonde hair slightly tousled, but it's the way she wears the delicate pink lingerie that sends mixed messages.

These ensembles featured in an issue of French Grazia incorporate exquisite lacy brassieres, high cut panties and an elaborately embroidered corset. The girl wears some of these elegant items with a fitting sense of modesty or a natural nonchalance. However, a couple of photos of Tosca Dekker by Christophe Meimoon unveil a strong seductiveness through the subject's stance, exuding a confidence and comfort with her body.