- Aug 23, 2013
While undergarments remain hidden beneath clothes, unconventional bras are still worth having, as they're extremely fun and add some different flavor to your closet.

These undergarments are definitely not average, and some of them look as though they can only be worn with nothing over them! For example, illuminated lingerie would be better suited as something you'd wear to a rave. After all, people would probably think a light-up bra at work isn't the most appropriate attire.

Gamers and galactic-enthusiasts definitely have their choice, as a glitzy superhero bra or universe-inspired design will definitely appeal to their preferences.

Finally, for people who love living the luxurious lifestyle, you can't go wrong with royalty-inspired lingerie or an intense 18-carat gold bra.

Whatever your preference is, unconventional bras are definitely a fashion piece to explore.

From Chic Comic Book Lingerie to Luxuriously Bedazzled Bras: