From Cyclist-Specific Clothing to Bikes With Booze Holders

 - Mar 24, 2012
As warm weather approaches and gas prices continue to soar, the increased number of people flocking to foot-peddled transportation has promoted a slew of terrific, two-wheeled accessories.

People have been gravitating toward more eco-friendly, health-conscious modes of transportation and with that, they are becoming increasingly interested in finding new devices and clothing that can make their ride a little smoother.

Helmet developments have grown to include innovation in the comfort, color and functionality of the crown-protector that are so useful and stylish one would be crazy to not protect their melon.

Many clothing manufacturers, such as Levi's, have come out with clothing lines that have the bike rider specifically in mind.

There is also a fair number of appendages that can be tacked on to one's bike frame to enable drinking (alcoholic beverages, usually) while riding.

These terrific, two-wheeled accessories are making the switch from four wheels to two a little more convenient, and a lot more fashionable.