The Bicicleta 180 Collects Two-Wheelers in its Coil

 - Oct 3, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
For avid riders, bike racks are an absolute necessity in the city -- but then again, so is public circulation space. The Bicicleta 180 aims to tackle both of these considerations by reorganizing the way that bicycles are stored, allowing them to remain safe and secure, while occupying nearly half of the horizontal area.

This is achieved by setting up a system to park two-wheelers vertically with their tires stacked. Inspired by a perfectly pulled orange peel, the helicoidal form of the fixture is elongated height-wise and fitted with a snap fastening component that holds the bicycle in place.

Once your ride has been latched in upright, you can wind your bike lock around its middle. The single looped shape of the Bicicleta 180 by Teresa Cots accommodates two pushbikes each to maximize on inner city storage.