Bankside Bikeshed Creates a Coherent Cyclist Community

 - Jun 27, 2011
References: archdaily & suckerpunchdaily
Avid cyclists have plenty to bond over, between rude drivers, dumb pedestrians and the absence of bike lanes. Apart from these everyday annoyances, the Bankside Bikeshed by James Khamsi would prove to be a pleasant space for bringing such active people together.

The very concept for this shell-shaped 'Micron' involves a large collection of such shelters to be placed around the city of London. Riders can become accustomed to locking up their bicycles in different checkered structures all over town, which may flaunt very different colored and patterned tarpaulin panels.

CNC bent steel rods will form the sturdy curved skeleton of every Bankside Bikeshed which will be further braced and embellished by ornate spoke-like details. You can spot one of these intricate lattice tents from miles away, offering refuge to responsible commuters.