Derailed by Joneschijoff Incorporates Aesthetics into Cycle Storage

The frustrating fact about parking your bicycle is that many setups make it quite difficult to maneuver tires, pedals, bike locks and adjacent two-wheelers in order to simply bolt up your ride. The other unfortunate feature is that these seldom even look good. Luckily a project entitled Derailed by Joneschijoff attempts to solve both of these issues at once.

This one entry in the Bike Rack As Art Competition won the Melbourne design firm the attention of the judges and the honor of having its convenient and attractive contraptions installed in several locations around Sydney. The success of the proposal lay in the way that the team articulated a compelling sculptural creation that offers an array of closed circles for linking up a lock securely. As a bonus, Derailed by Joneschijoff was ever-conscious of the efficient manufacturability that could make rows of these racks economically possible.