Duplex Lever Helps Cyclists Stop Effortlessly

 - Aug 15, 2011
References: paulcomp & gizmag
Whether it's an injury or a disability, some people rely dominantly on one-hand which can be a problem when it comes to cycling, however, the Duplex Lever is here to make things a little easier.

The Duplex Lever is a convenient item that will allow the user to stop the bike with one hand. It was originally designed for bike polo players, but now it's being made available for everyone. The accessory is basically a single break lever that has two cable inputs that pulls two breaks simultaneously. According to the company's website, the barrel adjusters allow the users to "fine-tune how the brakes engage." Suppose you've injured the left or the right hand, no worries because the Duplex Lever was symmetrically built so that people can use it on either side of the handle.