The Cruiser Bike Uses Wireless Breaks and is 99.997% Safe

 - Oct 15, 2011
References: sciencedaily & treehugger
A team of computer scientists and engineers at Germany's Sarlaand University have patented what they call the Cruiser Bike, a bicycle whose brakes operate entirely via wireless.

You may not trust a wireless network to sync your work, let alone stop your bicycle while barreling down a hill, but the researchers behind the Cruiser Bike ensure 99.9998% safety. The team exchanged the typical handlebar lever and brake line for a simple rubber handle and wireless router. Riders simply squeeze the rubber grip and a message is sent to the braking device to slow down; the harder you squeeze, the faster your slow down. Considering how rarely brake fluids are changed in most bicycles, this scheme may even be safer than conventional setups. The Sarlaand University researchers hope to expand the thinking behind the Cruiser Bike and apply it to modern cars, making driving even safer.