From Peachy Green Tea Cocktails to Ayurvedic Elderflower Drinks

 - Jul 18, 2015
If plain old black tea doesn't sound appealing to you, these tea-based beverages show how different things can be added to a variety of caffeinated drinks to create new flavors. Tea (especially white and green) have a number of associated health benefits, such as extra antioxidants.

In the summer time, tea-based beverages can easily become alcoholic or iced for a more refreshing sensation. From summery combinations of peach and green tea to beer blends, there is no shortage of options. Kombucha is another way to go, which helps with digestion, is slightly boozy and also carbonated. This is an especially great choice for health-conscious folks.

In cooler weather, there are also hot tea-based beverages. The tea latte is a popular method, including cannabis tea lattes, masala chai recipes and lattes incorporating yams.