This Thai Iced Tea Recipe From DavidsTea is a Sensational Summer Steeper

 - Jun 16, 2015
References: blog.davidstea
If you are looking for a cool, creamy and refreshing alternative to your regular iced tea, this recipe for Thai iced tea is a delicious option. Posted on the DavidsTea blog, the summer steeper is made with condensed milk, cinnamon and their Nepal Black tea. The rich Thai-style iced tea will make you feel instantly transported to a busy Thai market.

Served with a generous amount of crushed ice, the Thai iced tea is made by steeping the tea in hot water with a cinnamon stick for five minutes before straining. Add vanilla extract and stir. The glasses need to already be filled with ice and sweetened condensed milk before pouring the tea in.

The DavidsTea organic Nepal Black tea has a honey-like flavor, comes from a family-owned and socially responsible tea garden.