Hello Natural's Chia-Infused Iced Tea Recipe is Sweetened with Honey

 - May 26, 2015
References: hellonatural.co
Depending on the amount of sugar that is added, an iced tea recipe can turn out to be either extremely healthy or very bad for you. In the case of this recipe from Hello Natural, the formula is extremely beneficial for good health, thanks to superfood ingredients like honey, green tea and chia seeds.

This iced tea recipe is loaded with fiber, calcium, antioxidants and hydrating properties to keep skin feeling and looking fresh and youthful. In place of sugar, the use of honey as a sweetener brings a novel twist to the classic iced tea.

As well as being able to drink this iced tea mix, Hello Natural's inside and out remedy also means that it can also be used as a face mask for results that are just as beneficial.