From Invigorating Matcha Lemonades to Blueberry Ginger Refreshments

 - Jul 18, 2015
Packed with antioxidants, these green teas show a variety of ways the slightly caffeinated beverage can be interpreted.

In the summer time, many are foregoing the traditional black tea when making their iced teas at home. Many recipes incorporate other elements, including lemonade, alcohol and carbonated components to jazz up their green teas while still enjoying the health benefits.

Matcha is an extremely popular ingredient in many of these refreshments. From coconut lattes to citrusy smoothies, there are lots of options for people who prefer this more caffeinated option. The finely ground powder comes from specially processed green tea that has a higher caffeine content than other green and even black teas.

Store-bought products are also available, often coming in bottles or from existing coffee places.