Starbucks' Franken Frappuccino is a Spooky Halloween Drink

 - Nov 1, 2014
References: latimes & brandeating
The Franken Frappuccino is a limited edition drink that Starbucks introduced for three days leading up to Halloween. The green drink is made with a Green Tea Frappuccino base, peppermint syrup, white mocha sauce, java chips and to top it all off, a mocha drizzle.

Like Frankenstein's monster, this drink seems to be a mix of odd components, but those who have tried the drink claim that the flavors all come together quite nicely, with the coolness of the green tea and mint balancing out the warmth of the chocolate and mocha elements int the drink. Although the Franken Frappuccino beverage was only available for three days ahead of Halloween, this drink could easily become a favorite of Starbucks regulars.