Vintage TeaWorks' Wine Tea Blends Takes Inspiration from Red & White Vino

With wine-tea flavors like Green Tea Sauvignon, Oolong Chardonnay and Black Tea Merlot, it's not difficult to see that Vintage TeaWorks' products are the place where wine and tea meet. Just as there are those who are serious about their wine, there are also those who are avid tea drinkers—these unique teas will likely pique the interest of both kinds of individuals.

Passionate about both wine and tea, Vintage TeaWorks set out to create teas that would mimic wine, without the need for artificial flavoring. Instead of tasting exactly like a particular glass of wine, these teas channel the delicate notes that you're likely to find in wine instead. Each of the teas is described like a wine, including notes describing the tea as "light and flavorful," or "fruity and fun."