This Mixed Berry Iced Tea is Delightfully Tart

 - Jun 23, 2015
References: womansday
This mixed berry iced tea recipe is perfect for kids and grown-ups alike. This ice tea packs a tangy yet flowery punch and is filled with fresh berries, making it the perfect summer beverage.

To prepare this delicious mixed berry iced tea, start by placing herbal tea bags in a pitcher and add boiling water, steeping the tea bags for 10 minutes. Then remove the tea bags, allow the tea to chill and then refrigerate, covered, until it's nice and cold.

Once you're ready to serve, pull our your iced tea from the refrigerator and stir in some sugar and lemon juice for a hint of sweetness and tartness. Then add some fresh berries to the beverage to add flavor and body, and some lemon slices for garnish and a classy appearance.