From Mobile Mini Markets to Autonomous Convenience Stores

 - Nov 18, 2017
The top November 2017 retail ideas dive deep into autonomous technology, mixed reality and small-format stores as a means of engaging the modern consumer in new ways.

While there are many retail stores that pride themselves on being destinations in and of themselves, Wheelys' Moby Mart Shanghai store on wheels sets itself apart by traveling to consumers.

Some of the most noteworthy concepts in high-tech retail include the newly opened and unstaffed Xiaomai in China, Mastercard's AR shopping experiences with iris authentication, chloma x STYLY's mixed-reality shopping events and eBAY creating what it calls "the world’s first subconscious shopping experience." Amazon is also continuing to build its brick-and-mortar presence with a bar that recommends drinks to patrons in the same way that it suggests items that one might like to shop online.