Luxury Sales Associates Use WeChat to Personally Connect with Shoppers

 - Oct 30, 2017
References: mp.weixin.qq & jingdaily
In the world of luxury retail, each product sold is worth significantly more to the retailer in question than in other industries, so luxury sales associates in China are going to impressive lengths in order to make those sales happen. Using the ubiquitous Chinese chat app WeChat, luxury sales associates are communicating directly with shoppers even after they've left the store, building an authentic relationship with consumers in the process.

To be sure, luxury sales associates on WeChat aren't blindly spamming hundreds of potential consumers with messages. Rather, they'll exchange WeChat contact with consumers in the store, whether that consumer ends up buying a product or not. If another product comes in that the associate expects one of their contacts to like, they'll message them and let them know. Not only does this practice increase the chances of purchases in the short term, but it encourages consumers to patronize the store regularly in the future thanks to the relationship they have with the staff.