From Social Shopping Tools to Virtual Fitting Rooms

 - Aug 4, 2015
These millennial retail innovations range from virtual fitting rooms to social shopping tools that are designed to make the lives of consumers easier. In addition to their focus on convenient purchasing and payment solutions, major retailers are also giving consumers a memorable experience through enhanced online channels.

Those who don`t have the time for an in-store shopping experience can simulate one with virtual fitting rooms, high-tech mirrors and other elements that will personalize the way they shop online. In addition to VR-powered shopping tools and intuitive apps, these millennial retail innovations also include branded pop-up shops and boutiques that connect consumers with niche interests.

From female-only sneaker shops to gourmet donut cafes, millennials' retail experiences are bound to be more personalized than those of past generations. Furthermore, retailers` understanding and integration of technology makes them appeal to the tech savvy and mobile-dependent demographic.