From Airport GIF Stations to Edible Snack Cake Installations

 - Jul 30, 2016
The top July 2016 interactive ideas include various sources of inspiration for brands trying to successfully engage consumers. From playful kiosks for making GIFs located inside airport terminals to towering snack cake sculptures to honor dad on Father's Day, there are plenty of winning examples that show how brands are using interactive experiences, whether physical or digital, to create meaningful and memorable moments.

Throughout Toronto's 2016 Taco Fest, taco kit brand Old el Paso hosted an immersive lounge that featured a mechanical bull in the form of a hard shell taco. The fun experience is very Instagram-friendly, and is sure to have made a splash online following the event. Following their turn on the mechanical taco, attendees were invited to taste a sample of Old el Paso's new soft Tortilla Bowls.