81 Sport Innovations

 - Sep 26, 2008
The future of sports is upon us, and these innovations are here to prove it. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were only the beginning.

Future sports stadiums will either become greener or more opulent, as will sporting goods. New sports will evolve in the future, combining the best and most difficult attributes of their parent sports to shock, show off and inspire awe. Extreme sports will become even more extreme as popularity rises and creativity fluorishes.

Elite athletes will become elevated to iconic status; devotion and fan worship will rival that of religious worship in its fervor. As true cultural icons, these athletes will seamlessly penetrate into previously separate realms like fashion, entertainment, politics and literature. And sports fashion will be taken seriously by the world at large--not just athletes who seek clothing that fits properly.

Read on to see the future sports innovations that will make waves all over the world.