Stadiums Feed the Masses

 - Apr 6, 2008
References: umpbump & boston
What do major sports venues do when they want to sell more seats? They turn the cheap seats into all-you-can-eat seats. Fans are flipping for the gimmick, which usually cost about $25-$30 more than a regular ticket. Their special admission cost gets them no waiting access to all the nachos, hot dogs, peanuts and soda they can consume in nine innings. At Atlanta Braves games, fans can even get free beer in the all-you-can-eat section.

Some critics call it gluttonous. The food is unhealthy, variety is scant, and no one can possibly consume $30 worth of nachos. They say it's a consumer ripoff. But stadiums are thrilled, they're selling out sections of seats that normally would have gone empty.