From Ribbed Arenas to Futuristic Frisbee Stadiums

 - Nov 21, 2009   Updated: Mar 30 2011
Stadiums play host to concerts, sporting events and innumerable community gatherings. Although becoming greener, more efficient and architecturally awe-inspiring, the same basic design has yet to be improved upon. If it ain't broke:

From ribbed arenas to futuristic frisbee stadiums, check out all these stellar stadiums.

Implications - If you get right down to it, stadiums are ostensibly just structures designed to let large numbers of people enjoy sporting or entertainment events, but if you expand the parameters of that definition, it opens up a huge number of alternate possibilities for invention. By moving their thinking horizontally in order to tap into the related but relatively unexplored ancillary needs and wants of stadium-goers, the companies behind these forward-thinking stadiums demonstrate the importance of looking beyond the most obvious objective in order to create bold new designs.