Heineken Colosseum Replica From Recycled Packaging

 - May 31, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: eternallycool.net
To celebrate the UEFA Champions League Final, Heineken constructed a replica of the Colosseum using beer bottles.

Located in the Termini train station in Rome, the monument is inscribed at the base with the date of the game in Roman numerals, and the motto, “History is made in Rome."

The gallery includes photo of the actual Colosseum and a model.

Implications - Creative advertising can often go well beyond the limitations of print, media or television. In fact, this remarkable initiative shows how consumers can be entranced by campaigns that, at first glance, might seem to be more about enhancing their experience in a crowded station than moving product. Although certainly not the case, that appearance is definitely an advantage to the skeptic consumer.