Volleyball + Soccer + Gymnastics

 - Oct 14, 2006
References: bossaball
I was in Spain a couple of weeks ago when I witnessed the "phenomenon" I thought you might like to know about.

It's a sport named bossaball, which is a mix of volleyball, soccer and gymnastics on a pitch of inflatables and trampolines (a big bouncy arena).

It looks very spectacular and I think the shifted gravity ( trampolines --> G-force --> hang time ) added to the traditional ball game experience is very interesting. It allows for a complete new range of techniques, team tactics and strategies to play and score.

Players are showing off juggling the ball. The audience dances around the arena, cheering. It's like one big crazy thing.

I think it's a great game idea, pretty innovative, fun to play and watch.

Looks like the organisation behind the game is still pretty small, but I think they have a lot of potential as it's such a cool gizmo.