From Unflattering Famous Face Blogs to Celeb Visage Manicures

 - Dec 28, 2012
The mass popularization of Twitter made 2012 the year of the accessible celebrity and thus, tons of consumer-made celeb trends can be observed. Thanks to social media, this year saw a partial lifting of the veil that separates celebrities from the rest of us.

With this more intimate connection came numerous celebrity spoofs, videos and of course, scandals. Who could ever forget the celeb name pun blogs, under-done celeb portraits, or the incredible amount of celebrity-mocking social media accounts -- is anyone not following Miley Cyrus's hair cut's account?

As silly as celebrity news can seem, Hollywood will always be a compass for what's hot in pop culture at any given time. If what you're looking for is more based in this sort of insight, check out our Celeb Trend Report.