From Black Swan-Inspired Frocks to Prancing Mod Editorials

 - Jun 4, 2012
These beautiful ballet photoshoots merge fine art productions with a time-honored activity. Droves of ballerinas have been recruited for these ventures, and for those that solely feature models, the incorporation of slippers and tutus has made the snapshots come across as realistic depictions of the graceful sport.

Black swan-inspired frocks and prancing mod editorials have become almost commonplace. Live performances like 'Swan Lake' have given rise to the graceful choreography, leading photographers and stylists to hone in on body suits, leggings and slicked back updos. At the same time, many of these ventures have released atypical renderings, showcasing blood-stained dancers, demonic gazes and black dancing apparel. The juxtaposition of this soft form of expression with dark and almost sadistic undertones provides a modern take on the classic masterpieces.