Kilian Martin 'A Skate Illustration' Shows the Sport at its Best

 - Aug 21, 2011
References: youtube & thehighdefinite
Normally the combination of punk rock and skateboarding is extremely complementary due to the intense nature of both; however, the Kilian Martin 'A Skate Illustration' video takes a very different approach.

A lot of impressive skateboarding videos have been released, but none quite compare to the Kilian Martin 'A Skate Illustration' video directed by Brett Novak. Instead of the blaring music of Black Flag and intense skating, the audience is treated to a clip that's quite elegant. While the adjective doesn't normally fit as a description to skateboarding, Martin's tricks are a major exception. This skater is pulling off some of the most impressive stunts I've ever seen and he does it so gracefully. In fact, it's almost like watching a ballet due to the fluid motion and flawless execution. This is a skateboarding video unlike any.