- Jan 13, 2013
Ballet has not only influenced various forms of dance but it has also served as inspiration within the fashion world, as ballet fashion-inspired pieces are seen in not only its clothes but also in its photography.

The preciseness and highly technical form of dance provides a style and grace that is so mesmerizing and beautiful, it becomes hard to look away. As ballet is also the foundation of all dances, its beauty lies in its intricate yet simplistic movements. That combined with the extremely dramatic costume and makeup stylings of the productions come together to create the perfect blend to seek inspiration from. With its tulle tutus down to its shoes, each of these ballet fashion pieces are embedded both in the dance world as well as found in many fashion mavens closets.

Though ballet may not be for everyone, most can agree that it is an aesthetically visual delight just as many of these beautiful fashion and photography finds.

From Ballet Fashion Pieces to Dramatic Dancer Portraits: