Amalia Bennett Creates a New Ballet Vocabulary

 - Mar 29, 2011
The once formalized serene ballet performance has now gone wild because of Amalia Bennett. She takes the highly technical form of dance and brings a more ferocious art to the ballet world.

In the performance, each ballerina is found in their own stupor while Amalia Bennett’s choreography takes them from a gradual and beautiful ballet performance to a sudden outlandish one. Incorporating slave bondage into the ballet act with ballerinas dragged on the floor by a piece of cotton string, this is seriously a remarkable innovation regarding the way ballet is traditionally portrayed.

The video is titled ‘Eqvus Performance’ and Amalia Bennett uses the backdrop of the cowboys riding the horses to seemingly affect the ballerina's theatrical display. I’m totally in love with the Amalia Bennett concept, the choreography and the poised style of each of the ballerinas.