La Danse by Javier Miqueleiz is Absolutely en Pointe

Ballet dancers are the most graceful, elegant athletes to walk the streets, and La Danse by Javier Miqueleiz of Efejota Photography is a photo set that demonstrates dancers' polish and sophistication beautifully. Miqueleiz captured several ballet dancers in unusual environments that ranged from woodland forests to ancient monuments, city avenues, historic concourses and seaside public benches.

Javier Miqueleiz says that La Danse is a project meant to decontextualize ballerinas; the juxtaposition of ballet with natural outdoor surroundings is visually arresting and sensually satisfying all at once. I'm particularly drawn to the images in which the dancer interacts with the cold, impersonal concrete; we're so used to seeing ballet dancers perform in opulent theatres and opera houses. If you can appreciate pure athleticism and ineffable beauty, you'll love this photo series.