Angeline Thong Renders Dark Images with Morbid Motifs

 - Jan 22, 2012
References: & artforadults.tumblr
Art can invoke seemingly endless amounts of provocative thoughts, and in the case of these Angeline Thong illustrations, they confront viewers with their own mortality.

In Thong’s piece entitled ‘Elisa Day,' she depicts a young woman floating serenely on water. Her body is arched in a ballerina-like manner and the stillness of her body lulls viewers into a false sense of calm. Once audiences see the vibrant red blood gushing out of Thong’s subject, they realize that this young woman is most likely dead, eyes wide open, and is floating aimlessly on ocean waters. No physical wounds can be identified on the subject, which only makes the illustration more mysterious as to why the subject is bleeding. The overall effect is quite unnerving.

Though Angeline Thong has a collection of equally dark images in her stunning portfolio, don’t be fooled into thinking she isn’t capable of rendering joyous and smile-inducing pictures.