The 360 Project Gets Moves from All Angles

 - Oct 3, 2011
References: zeligsound & vimeo
The 360 Project mixes the art of photography with the art of film by taking photos from Nikon cameras placed 360 degrees around a central focal point. All 48 of these cameras are activated by a single signal, which triggers them to take a photo all at the same time. By doing this, Director Ryan Enn Hughes was able to create a sort of "flipbook" film that allowed viewers to see certain dance moves from every angle.

Hughes chose two very different forms of dance to document in this unique way. One video features ballet, while the other features the art of "Krumping." These polar points in the dance world are supposed to represent "polemic perspectives in both technique and origin -- one beauty, the other beast," according to the video's description.

With the help of Zelig Sound's complementary sound mixing and Cinematographer Barry Cheong's fantastic lighting and vision, the result of The 360 Project is truly breathtaking frozen moments in time.