From Humanimal Arousal Ads to Singing Squirrel Adverts

 - Jan 31, 2012
These awesome animal ads celebrate a rich comical and historical link between animals and advertising that dates back to the 60s. Animals have the ability to grab one's attention immediately -- especially the cute ones. Whether it be to sell soft drinks or save the rain forest, these awesome animal ads have the ability to move the audience in ways previously only reserved for leashes.

These awesome animal ads feature a wide variety of animals being cute and doing stunts. It is important to remember that none of these animals were hurt during the making of these campaigns, and that television studios and ad agencies have considerably progressed in animal treatment since the early days, which included a much higher amount of animal cruelty allegations. Animals in advertising can be so potent that specific animals are forever linked to iconic companies, such as chihuahuas with Taco Bell, horses with Budweiser and Polar Bears with Coca Cola.