These Seat Altea Freetrack Ads Keep Things PG

 - Jul 4, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
Not everyone may see the possibilities of a small car being fit for a family, but these Seat Altea Freetrack ads alert consumers to this fact in a rather unusual way.

The Grey advertising agency of Paris, France, chose to make the subjects of these automotive ads animals -- and animals caught in the heat of the moment, at that.

Since many animals mate primarily for the sake of procreation, based on natural instincts, the suggestion here is that the pair of rhinoceroses, tortoises and lions are in the process of making families. Given that the context is undoubtedly carnal, cutout cardboard gold stars have been place in front of the creature couples to hide any indecent areas. The campaign would appeal to the sense of humor of many young parents, as these Seat Altea Freetrack ads communicate their message quite effectively.