The Bear Creek Pasta Commercial Features Highly Trained Monsters

 - Aug 16, 2011
References: element79 & adage
Look closely at the Bear Creek Pasta commercial featured in this post -- yes, indeed, those are real bears.

The newest Bear Creek Pasta commercial was conceived and developed by the staff at Chicago ad agency Element 79, and they opted for some excitement in their latest creation for the pasta company. "Working with real bears was like working with trained dogs," said Chris Laubach, Element 79's senior VP group director. "Granted, mama and papa bear were like big strong scary willful dogs. But the cubs were very cute and cuddly. It took a month to train the them all and still there were very human things we wished they could do, like actually cooking and serving the pasta. We had to pull that off in other ways."

Regardless of how they pulled it off, this new Bear Creek Pasta commercial is incredibly watchable, and has the potential to go viral. Mission accomplished, Element 79. Mission accomplished.

Implications - Thanks to the advent of the Internet, one of the most important components in an ad campaign is whether or not it has the ability to go viral. Companies would be wise to produce advertising that is either directly interactive, or features a strongly avant-garde concept, which helps the company draw attention from consumers, who may spread the company's message if the ad connects with them on an interactive or humorous level.