These Products Will Make Family Trips Easier

 - Aug 19, 2013
These travel essentials are for the parents with outdoorsy day trips in mind. Whether you're with your toddlers or teens, the key to having a smooth-sailing family trip is to be prepared. These innovative products are designed to come in handy for your adventurous trips.

Diapers are something parents can't forget to pack when leaving for a day trip. In attempt to make this process easier, many innovative products have been invented. The diaper vest is a stylish vest with large pocket spaces for diapers, wet wipes and even baby bottles. There are also diaper bags designed with manly aesthetics in mind, specifically for fathers.

In terms of stroller or baby bottles, we are seeing more high-tech designs. We are seeing scooter-stroller hybrids, as well as baby-carrying backpacks. Baby bottles are now self-heating or even self-disinfecting; making baby maintenance convenient.