The Toob Diaper Changing Station Rolls Out and Up Quickly and Cleanly

 - May 14, 2013
References: quirky
A mother can't always plan for the exact moment when her baby's due to dirty its diaper, making a product like the Toob Diaper Changing Station quite valuable. Produced by Quirky, this system comprises a storage container and roll-up mats that allow you to easily and comfortably change your infant's diaper in almost any situation.

The core of the contraption is a cylindrical plastic canister in which you can stash spare nappies and baby wipes. The water-resistant blankets curl up around this tube to make a tight and portable scroll. A loop with a clip can be found on one end of the Toob Diaper Changing Station, and this allows the on-the-go hygiene hub to be strapped to a stroller, to a baby carrier or to a diaper bag for convenience.