The Pony Stroller Provides a Place for the Parent to Sit and Rest as Well

 - Jan 11, 2012
References: tuvie
Bringing a baby around everywhere is an exhausting exercise, more than worthy of a little repose at various points during an outing. The Pony Stroller by Zou Huan recognizes a mother and father's need for a bit of respite and has been equipped with a small stool which folds out and back in.

The adult seat on this clever baby stroller is actually built into the handle. It can be brought down about 135 degrees to expose a sturdy perch in front of the open bassinet. From this angle, the parent is perfectly positioned to address any needs of her infant, without having to bend and reach from standing. The Pony Stroller also integrates a convenient baby bag beneath the mobile cradle which is within easy reach of the adjustable chair.