The Fendi Inglesina Stroller is for Fashionista Parents and Their Tots

 - Dec 20, 2011
References: & bornrich
If you have a baby on the way and are looking to drop some serious coins, look no further than the Fendi Inglesina. Yes, the prestigious fashion house has started their own line of baby strollers. Now, you can start your child's fashion education right from the very beginning. Fendi has also creates a pram and a baby carrier. Each item is decked out in the iconic chocolate brown and cream synonymous with the brand. The brands insignia is also liberally incorporated into the design.

Manufactured using the best material and the masterful construction Fendi's collaborator Inglesina is known for, the Fendi Ingelsina stroller is one sweet ride. Although Jr. may be too young to appreciate his pricey chariot, fellow parents will be eyeing with envy. You may have entered into motherhood, but your fashionista roots are still alive and well.

For parents who insist on giving their child the best and have the bank account to back them up, the Fendi Inglesina is one luxurious pram.