The i-con Smart Stroller Makes a Promenade with Baby Painless

 - Jan 15, 2013
References: & industrialdesignserved
A mother deserves every little bit of assistance that she can get her hands on and the i-con Smart Stroller so cleverly delivers. When the price of keeping your infant comfortable and your shoulders unburdened is a big and heavy perambulator, you'll be delighted to see what this contraption has in store.

It isn't electric but the apparatus does boast the ability to provide pushing assistance, particularly when an uphill section of sidewalk is encountered. Sagar Kanase came up with an ingenious design for the two front wheels of the baby carriage with a spiral torsion spring and several gears. At times of reduced rolling effort, energy builds beneath the tires. As soon as a hill is before you, the i-con Smart Stroller can be switched into iBoost mode on the handle to help you over the hump.