Sheep Billboards Take One Company All the Way to the "Baaaa-nk"

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: theadvertiserseries & odditycentral
UK-based farmer James Metcalfe is the crafty salesman behind these "baaaa-ffling" sheep billboards. Metcalfe appealed to authorities to advertise his turf company by putting a billboard on his property and was denied as it would be a safety hazard. Therefore, the only sensible thing to do was to not act sheepish, but create living sheep billboards.

Metcalfe sprayed his flock of 20 sheep with his company's logo in colored paints. The sheep now wander all around the field attracting attention with their branded wool.

James Metcalfe is having the last laugh with his sheep billboards; if authorities thought billboards were too distracting, this alternative will have them in a fit.

Implications - Since consumers have become desensitized to the abundance of advertising in society, companies seek new ways to hold their attention. Methods of advertising that are interactive or unusual are now sought after for their memorable qualities. Companies should devise unique marketing campaigns to make their brand memorable to potential consumer groups.