- Apr 27, 2019
The expansive list of April 2019 fashion trends embodies progressive design elements that are translated through the construction and delivery of the pieces. The Spring season arrives and along with it are a selection of transitional fashion designs that make easing into the warmer weather run seamlessly. This features layering-focused pieces, weather-proof construction, and technical designs.

Canada Goose and GORE-TEX's Nomad collection prepares for the season in a rugged manner, delivering technical pieces that are lightweight and ensures that the wearer will not overheat. Streetwear imprint mastermind works with C2H4 on a collection full of futuristic designs for the season -- to showcase the pieces, the labels deliver a robot-themed narrative to make the delivery more authentic to its overarching theme.

From Insulated Technical Outerwear to Robot-Themed Streetwear: